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    Those of you scratching your heads to find out how to do something for a computer or other electronics device, OLD HACKERS can help.  We have postings on many subjects, links to lots of resources, and a message forum with areas that should be helpful.

     Members here vary from youngsters learning to put a simple electronics kit together, to oldsters using computers to control radio links and monitoring satellites.  Many of our group are comfortable doing actual repairs to a circuit board rather than replacing it, or using keyboards and brains to fix programs - or create new ones.

     So please make a note or bookmark to keep OldHackers on your list of helpful places, come join us, share your stories, problems, expertise and thirst for knowledge here. Join our mailing list if you like, and we will put out a notice or two here and there - usually not very often. We will not sell or give out your private information either as we probably dislike that as much as you do.

     As our site is now being rebuilt, you may not see everything till we get it back into the new site - but feel free to contact with a question and if we can help we will be glad to do so.  If we can't, we may know of other places to look for help and could share them with you.