Ok - so it is not very technical - but as some of you have asked why there were no updates or new features here in the last few weeks - and others are probably curious also, I will let you know that our only son took his own life and it has put much of my usual every day routine out of the usual routine for some weeks. Have no fear, I am back and will be trying my best to find and share fun things to you all.  Please keep in mind however that this effort is not a one way street - and I do welcome guest writer submissions and suggestions for articles or features from you all. So if you have an itch to write a bit, or a question which you want answered - toss them this way.  Of course it helps if you register and sign in first here.  Also while we are rattling that cage, be aware that we never share or sell your email address so please have no worries about signing in here and joining the group.