If you are a relatively new person to our subjects you might be likely to think OLDHACKERS is about shady and illegal use of computers to steal things from other folks using the Internet.   

- If you want to do those things with your knowledge and equipment, please go elsewhere.
We strongly discourage such here.


As it explains in our ABOUT page, this site is for those folks who like to build and change, program and test, learn and explain - and more.  While many of us are older and will tell stories about days where 16 kilobytes was a fair amount of memory, some younger folks may find our take on things worthwhile and of course are very welcome.  Computers have come a long ways since I started programming in 1971 and I never fail to be impressed with new hardware and gadgets.  Please feel free to visit, join and even contribute your thoughts and stories to our forums so others can be tortured or impressed suitably as it effects each one.. lol