SITE NEWS 1-2-14 

  We have finished our first full year here at OLDHACKERS.COM and want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  

Lots of ideas have been tossed about with our users, and we will be using those to help shape and add to our site - all so we can better fill the needs of you the member, or even you the casual visitor.  That brings up the first thing to mention - you do not have to be registered here to just look around, but please consider registering to be able to share in more of the features, post in the forums and download from the member's file area.  

Registration is free, and only requires a minute of your time and your email address, which we will not sell or share with anyone - as we dislike spam as much as you do.

To register, just click on the REGISTER link at the top right directly under the black menu bar.  Then you will get an email to verify your account, and after clicking on the link in the message we send you, you will be able to sign in as a full member.  If you click the REMEMBER ME box, you will not have to repeat your login each time as a key will be saved in a cookie on your system.

In 2014 expect more DIY projects and links to more resources. OLDHACKERS wants to be your #1 source for older computer help, stories, projects and more.  We are now actively seeking projects and stories from folks - and will consider yours if you wish to share. Most of us have some fun stories about older computers, our experiences with them and here is a great place to share them.  Use the CONTACT link to let us know or to submit your stories and help us be a better place to be online as 2014 goes forward.  Thanks for your input and time!