SITE NEWS 12-09-13 

  Over 42 years ago I was shoving punch cards into an IBM computer - testing programs I was writing in COBOL - an early programming language for business use. Computer RAM memory was smaller than what we use for icons in most Windows computers today, and our work was not interactive like today or multi-tasking for that matter.  The reason I bring this up today - is to honor a really unusual lady who is Googles Doodle subject today.  Today would have been Grace Hopper's 107th birthday. Historically one of the highest ranking women in the military and also the oldest woman in active military service - but I did not know that she was behind so much computer history.  She is credited with the first report of a bug in the computer (which she took out with tweezers and taped into her log book - its still there today!)  

This video is from a class she taught - where she explains nanoseconds in a unique way - and you can just start to see what a character and treasure she must have been.

 This link will give you access to an article in the digital form of TIME MAGAZINE about the Google doodle for today and more about Grace