Please be patient... we are being built on the fly - day by day. 

If you have found us already, please feel free to join in and express your opinions. This site will be shaped largely by its users so you can help make it something you like, use and are proud to be part of.  If you don't see a category in the forums you wish to talk about - let us know. If you want to share an idea for a new feature - share!  We plan to have a picture gallery or two (maybe more) of old iron, neat projects, fun adventures in building computers and such. We also want to have DIY projects in electronics - so if you have ever wanted to submit one of your own, here is a good place to do it and get it noticed. If you have a favorite project, please tell us about it - maybe we can host it too!   If you have a great little known resource for a part or gadget - share that too.  Have a good story or joke that is related? Well you get the idea - it is to learn, share and have fun that this site is being built.