Hey - its almost 2019 and it seems way past time we convert the original OLDHACKERS site from the very out of date Joomla 2.5 version to the modern age 3.9 version.

  This is especially true considering they are almost ready for full scale release of Joomla 4.   I have put it off far too long as I was fairly sure it would be a big dog to tackle - based on my experience with many other site updates of this scale. 

   So.. after a number of tries (an embarrassing number) I gave up trying to upgrade and built a new Joomla 3.9 site and am now importing and copying previous content from the original site.

   We will have all the previous features and information - but it may be a few weeks before its all in place. For a while we may have both sites online so you can refer back to the older site (which will soon be removed and stored in our museum lol ).

  Programmer1971  - the Old Hacker