Valve announces over more than a dozen Linux-powered Steam gaming boxes

Summary: It's official. Linux gaming is going big time. Valve just announced more than a dozen new hardware Steam boxes from major gaming PC OEMs such as Alienware, Falcon Northwest, and Gigabyte

The news headline above from a ZDNET article is not about old computing or hardware hacking - but still likely to be of interest to most of us. I know many of us who like to do unusual things with a computer have at least dipped our toes into the LINUX pool a time or too so it is with some big smiles I read this news blurb this morning about STEAM - a major gaming group announcing that no lest than 12 different companies will be sell Linux based, Steam gaming consoles.  One of these is the well known ALIENWARE (backed by Dell these days I hear)  and as STEAM has some major games out in market the last 10 years they will be able to tune some of these and newer ones to be better for linux.  Of course these boxes will have a percentage of users who want to explore the Linux side of the OS when not blowing away aliens, so it can only improve the exposure of Linux in all its flavors. We understand the STEAMos will be based on Debian, and fully capable of the usual linux desktop work.  While these consoles are a bit pricy - they will likely come down as sales and quantities go up.  

Try this link for the full story and details on some of the new boxes  ZDNET STORY   and this link to see more about the STEAM OS