PCFIXES.NET  which was more well known as PCFIXES.COM for well over 20 years, has added another article about replacing parts on older or retro PC motherboards. 

This one is about the larger RTC modules (Real Time Clock) - used in some boards.  These devices combined a built-in battery, clock circuit and some memory to hold the system settings - and if they lose the battery, they are difficult to repair without replacing and sometimes difficult to find parts for. 

 Unlike the CMOS battery which usually had only 2 pins to unsolder, the RTC modules had typically 24 or 28 pins to unsolder - a bit more of a task for hobbyists.  Check this picture filled step by step how to for more information.  Also coming soon we will have a link in this article about purchase of RTC modules if you need them.  Please comment or email us for further information.


   By the way PCfixes.net is still very much alive and undergoing a very slow but promising rebuild to make it better - the owner has retired recently and says he will have more time to work on the sites he takes care of.