If you are new to computers - this might be an educational spot to look - but most of the crazy old farts that frequent this site will be in the category that matches its domain name. 

     However just to be clear, to those who don't know, in the good old days a "HACKER" on computers was a person who could do a lot with little.

       "A hacker could make things work when others could not."

     It was a good term, a badge of honor to be taken proudly - "wow that guy is a real hacker!"   Today people who "hack" into systems and break things, copy things they shouldn't and steal things are called "hackers" and most of what the modern public thinks of those folks is that they are criminals. 

     Even the criminals don't think well of them, as they steal while sitting behind a keyboard with little perceived work or danger.  Some do cause many billions of dollars damage with various virus and trojan attacks. 

     So we will be clear here - we support the good hacker - the McGyver of computers - who comes to the rescue - or just puts bits and pieces together to help his neighbor.

    "We do not condone illegal activities with computers in any form." 

    The idea for this site came about as a pet project for me, and I have been at computers and electronics for most of 50 years.  I know enough on many fields of electronics to get by - and have enough real world experience to know how to blend my talents and make some interesting projects. 

    I also know that I don't know it all... and get a bit miffed at the 19 year old guy in the computer section of the office supply store who thinks he does. 

    Sadly I think the true computer dinosaur hacker type is a dying breed -and hope this site will help the ones of us who are still here share some "remember when?" and maybe some "have you tried this?" with each other.

    Many of us still like to know what really was the problem in a computer before we erase all and start over.  Some of us will take the time to replace a $1 part on a motherboard rather than tossing it and telling the customer, client or friend they need a new $70 board.  Folks like us are usually very familiar with modern desoldering gear.

    We do welcome newbies of all ages as we enjoy passing on what we know - if we remember it correctly..lol.  We do also know we are still learning.. new things come every day. 

  Just remember that not all HACKERS are bad - and most OLD HACKERS are good!