Recently I sold a terminal program on Ebay - it was a gift given to me nearly 20 years back to be a prize in a contest on my bulletin board system.  Those of you who don't know what a BBS is, you might take a quick look around on Google or at least this wiki for some history.  Such boards were in many ways a precursor to today's Internet with a bit of Facebook tossed in for good measure.  Most had files you could download to try out new shareware tools and games. Many had games which you played while online - games that were written to work with a modem's slow speeds and usually called DOOR GAMES as you went thru a doorway in the program passing the modem and user to whole other program from the one that ran the BBS.   Facebook and all its games share a bit with these - as people would call in daily or even several times a day and make moves in the games they played, and other users would also - often competing at the particular tasks of that game.

The reason I am taking a trip down memory lane is that when I sold this Terminal program (a fancy way to talk to BBS and other dialup systems) - on ebay, the purchaser contacted me about my old BBS.  He is researching the BBS movement and its history and how it effected computing, online social interaction and such.  (At least I think that is his basic idea)   My system ran from the mid 80s thru late 90s and most of the time was several phone lines and 24 hours a day.  Later it had telnet connectivity with the Internet so you could "dial in" from any Internet connection and experience the old style graphics and communication - not quite like today's browsers and higher powered online graphics the speeds of DSL and faster Internet allow.

I dug out some more of my BBS items to sell on Ebay - and started looking to see that while many of the old boards have long since gone, there are some still alive and kicking - and with all the interest in retro games it seems there are crowds of folks who enjoy them just like they used to.  With many of us having unlimited long distance calling on our phone plans, even if you had to use a modem to dial up and visit such a board today - it would be free.  Be prepared for modem connections to be terribly slow compared to DSL connections - but - do try it if you want to experience some of what we did way back when....  its a very different world but you can see some of the fun that helped us get going - and may have been influential in pushing the Internet in the direction it went.

A bit of history on my old system is here     Some modern listings of BBS info are here and here.