Going Going Going.. maybe mostly gone ?  

    Yes - Just when I was about ready to give up on this site and all the good things it could share due to that spammer infestation, a new user here "Larry" told me of some ways to get it under control. I was seeing up to 3000 emails a day in my inbox from the system on failed registrations - where a spammer would login but they put in a bogus email, and probably 1000 more from a program I put in to tell me when spam messages were posted. 

    We then found the resources that Larry had mentioned - and for a week or two got thousands of messages a day from the new program that rejects known spammers when they try to register. It checks email addresses, IP addresses and more to be sure then kicks them out.  Now its slowing down to only a few hundred a day.  

   That left me with over 14,000 users listed on the site - and all but a handful are spammers. So I found a great free add-in for the Joomla software that removes those who have registered but not ever verified, and those who verified but have not logged in so many times..  Today it has dropped the users down substantially and will keep checking every day till it removes those who use this site to further their advertising and make money off of posting here.

   Again, this site has a purpose - and is free to all who wish to join, share, read and use its information - but those who want to sell pills, purses, porn, or plug other merchants not related to our field of interest will not be tolerated.

(soapbox mode off)

thank you!