Looking for odd older electronics ?  Maybe building a vintage PC or rebuilding one?

   Programmer1971 - one of our chief contributors, has finally let eBay talk him into opening a "store" on eBay.  It may take a while to get much listed, but if you need anything in the way of older computer parts you can shout at him here or on eBay and there is a good chance he will have it or know where to look. From old original IBM-PC and IBM-PC AT series to later pentium motherboards and processors, - just ask..  the guy is an old pc part nut!   
   Oh - while you are looking at his eBay store, be sure to click to get his store newsletter - it can be very helpful with the tips and stories he puts in the newsletter from time to time - and if he has a sale or markdown special going on - he usually puts notice out on the store newsletter to let those who subscribe get first shot at the goodies.  

Click here to visit the store on ebay